We are working to solve the problem of unemployment in our way through providing Education, Training, Self Employment as well as Placement opportunities to all the aspirants.

If you already have any idea to be developed in to Business. We can make it a project and can assist you in development of your idea into a Business.

Our research shows that our educational system is still prevailing British educational system. British needed clerks and servants for their services so they designed such educational system which created jobseekers. Unfortunately the British educational system is still prevailing even after Independence.

Our great former president late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam also mentioned the fact that our educational system designed to make servants not Masters. We are trying to educate people at our level best to make people Job Creators in spite of Job Seekers. For this purpose We have designed a Self Employment Educational Program named

"Why & How to Be Your Own Boss."

a. Why to be your own Boss.

b. Identifying who can be his own Boss.

c. How to be your own Boss.

We are also providing Opportunities to create self employment through Distribution of Franchise of our esteemed clients with complete trust.

We also provide placement services to those who can't be self employed either they don't have Qualities to be self employed or they are trying to learn from their working experience before being their own Boss.

As We have a vast network in all India We can also generate leads of clients and customers for the promotion of your business.

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