Why We Are


We work with a vision to solve the problem of unemployment because of lack of right education ie.right knowledge, Information & Opportunities.We don't believe in blaming People, System, Circumstances for any problem rather We Believe problems are meant to realize our Self Potential. What Our Experience Taught Us Says

"Business means delivering solution of a certain problem in the form of products or services"

How affordable you make your products or services to make them reach to the masses and how deeply you connect with the masses with the best solution of their problem ensures your growth, development and contentment as a Businessman. In this concern We are providing solutions for the problem of UNEMPLOYMENT by

1. Educating people about the problem of unemployment, its causes and solutions.

2. Creating Job Creators through our unique Self Employment Programme.

3. Realizing your self potential through our career counseling services & trainings.

4. Making reach to the latest Business Opportunities.


Our mission is to make people their own boss through our unique Self Employment Programme to create more & more jobs to overcome the problem of unemployment. Thus playing our role to serve humanity by our means that We have created in form of establishing Destiny Designers.

Our mission also include providing the best services to our esteemed clients. We believe in extending them the right support at every stage so that they are strong enough to by pass their limitations and select the best profession in the stream of their choice.